Stay Healthy: My Health T.E.A.M., Part 2

“Understand that you have the ability to get healthy and stay healthy.” – Dr. Christia ne Northrup 

Last week I introduced you to Chris Schild, personal trainer, who is essentially the quarterback on my Health team. I see and communicate with him most often as we continue to build a healthy, strong and fit body built to last.

Next on my team is Dr. Melissa Osborn, owner of Lifetime Family Chiropractic in Brighton. What is most interesting about almost every correspondence I’m receiving these days is somewhere in them are these two words: stay healthy. There is a sign you will see in her office which reads, “It’s easier to stay healthy then to get healthy.” Our entire family goes to Melissa for wellness visits on a weekly basis. Her mission is to adjust, educate and empower families in our community toward optimal health and wellness. Florida Spine and Injury provides this list as the top 10 health benefits of chiropractic care: quality of sleep, stress relief, immune system strength, pain relief, improved mood, mental health boost, posture, reduced blood pressure, digestion and increased energy levels. As someone receiving this weekly care, I have experienced improvements in ALL of those areas! Are you looking for improvements in one or more of those areas? Dr. Melissa is an amazing Chiropractor, and I would highly recommend you reach out to her if you don’t already have one. 

Even though I feel stronger and have better alignment, I still have a little hitch in my giddy-up. That’s what my mom called it when I described the “little devil” in my left piriformis muscle which has caused some slight pain and irritation for the last couple of years now. My friend Roger Burnett told me I needed to call Carol, who is well known in the Livingston County area for working with competitive athletes and especially hockey players. When you walk into her office, there are pictures of them all over the walls. It’s really cool. 

I liked her the moment I met her. Carol Chmielewski, President & CEO of the Path Center, found that little sucker within 10 minutes of being there and I felt relief immediately. It was amazing. I’ve believed in and utilized massage therapy on and off for the last 20 years or so. Many of the benefits are similar to Chiropractic care – stress reduction, lower blood pressure, muscle relaxation, improved circulation, improved posture and strengthened immune system. Some insurance plans are recognizing the health benefits and paying for some or all of the cost. But even if insurance doesn’t cover it, I strongly believe an occasional massage is worth the financial investment to your body (temple) over the long-term. 

Last, but not least, is my U of M doctor, Christine Krause. She was my Dad’s doctor and I switched to her after he passed away because she has in-depth knowledge of that side of my family history. Since he had Melanoma, we keep a close eye on my skin for anything which might look suspicious. The thing I liked about her the most when we first met is she actually asked me about my health goals and objectives. She listened, made notes and keeps me accountable to what I told her. A couple years ago my cholesterol numbers were a little elevated but I’m thankful to report they have decreased both of the last two years. I actually look forward to going to see her now! 

Two final things – you can do these yourself daily – STRETCH and BEND. The sooner you can begin a regular stretching routine, the better. Help those muscles out! Second, help your back by bending with your legs to pick ANYTHING up. For those who have “tweaked” their back doing it the wrong way, you probably feel me? This was learned from many years of hearing my dad harp at me, “BEnnnNNNNDDD Doug – use those legs!!” It was super-annoying at the time, but now I’m glad he did. 

It is my heart’s desire to get healthier every day – physically, mentally and spiritually. My mission is to help others do the same, and I can’t give away what I don’t have. Will you join me in the journey? 

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