Keep Moving Forward

In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.” – Albert Einstein

I can remember the day like it was yesterday, even though it was almost 28 years ago. Going through this COVID-19 mess has brought back the memory even stronger, for many reasons. 

The end of a long hallway at U of M Hospital, parked in front of a window overlooking that campus, is where I found myself after basically saying goodbye to Beth. Our world had just come to a screeching halt. The end of a 16-year old life makes no sense to anyone, but then again, when does the end of life make sense? “Oh God, why couldn’t you have taken me?” Nana cried out in front of all the teary-eyed family members who were gathered. 

Dad found me standing there, and we both watched as students walked to class, the hospital workers came and went, the day just kept moving on. The sun even shined. I can’t remember if he said these words at the time, like he would say so many times on the phone or when we got together after, but we both knew we needed to keep moving forward. Despite the pain, the tears, the sadness, the loss, we knew it’s what she would have wanted and what we had to do. One day at a time, one hour at a time, heck, sometimes even just one moment at a time. Just like now. 

It hit me this past week – how many people are looking out their windows, filled with fear, worry and doubt, asking so many important questions? How long do we need to stay at home? What if I or someone I loves gets this thing? How are we going to pay the bills? WHY IN THE WORLD IS THIS HAPPENING????

All I know is we need to keep moving forward. We need to feed our Faith and not our fear. We need to invest the time we have been given back. This feels like a great big time-out to me. Or think of it as halftime. Think about what you did well in the first half and what you want to continue doing in the second. Observe and reflect on what didn’t go well, then CHANGE it. Now IS the time. We were made for a time such as this!! We are strong, creative and resourceful people and we will find a way. Have Faith my friends, and remember the mantra started by the British government in 1939 in preparation for World War II – KEEP CALM & CARRY ON. 

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